Organic Blueberry Upick - July 5th - July

  • Organic Blueberry Upick - July 5th - July
  • Organic Blueberry Upick - July 5th - July

$ 11.00

JenEhr Organic Blueberries

     At Madison Markets and Farm 20th

It is time to come pick organic blueberries at JenEhr Family Farm in Sun Prairie

Where and When:

   Farmers' Markets

Dane County Farmers Market at the Capitol Square on Saturdays, 6:30AM to Noon, by East Washington entrance.
       AND, JenEhr will be at the Breese Stevens Field Market, July 13th

Westside Community Farmers Market, Saturdays 7AM to Noon

 On Farm Upick

              Final Week July 12th-19th

This will be your opportunity for a bit of solitude or bring the family for picked by you organic blueberries.  It's a self serve honor system - You select the day and three-hour time span in which to pick.  Pay for the blueberries at the website and then come pick on that day and self designated time.  If you find the picking easy and want more, no problems, just go back to the website and select/pay for the additional berries.

Please note that the scheduling is important.  So if you miss you're appointment, you'll need to go back to this website and set a new picking time and amount.  Missed appointments will NOT be refunded.


Here's the Deal:

  1. Upick blueberries are on an appointment (range) and prepaid
          *  You select the date you want to pick, hours are within a three hour range, anytime within that three-hour time span
           *  Decide now how many quarts of blueberries you want to pick (green pulp quarts like your strawberries came in).  Recent picking resulted in about 2 - 3 quarts per hour

  2. When you get to the farm during your time slot - come down driveway toward house; There will be a sign, directing you to turn left at first driveway by greenhouse, onto the field drive. Follow the path, toward the white trailer parked in the blueberry field.  Drive straight down the farm lane toward the white trailer - park beside it.

  3. By the white trailer, you will find a plastic "tub/bin" with your prepaid quarts inside.

  4. Go to the field with those green pulp quart containers and pick. When they're full, take the container filled blueberries home.
           *  And of course we want you to sample while in the blueberry field.  But please leave any other containers or buckets in your vehicle (unless you're using a belt/bucket for holding the quart container). This blueberry UPick is an honor system, making it easy and flexible for you and the farm.

  5. A stool is often useful for sitting while picking, but please leave your pets at home.  And while the blueberry field is child accessible, it's not child friendly like the strawberry picking.

  6. $11 per quart

Please note - there is a 3% credit card surcharge, that ends up being 30 cents per $10 charged