1st sweet corn organic

JenEhr Sweet Corn

Yep, you read that correctly.  The AMAZING Farmer Paul has first of the season bicolor sweet corn.  The list of steps, incantations and other maze of magic allowed Farmer Paul to bring you first of the season sweet corn that tastes like the later varieties that are so full of flavor.  And, it's certified ORGANIC.

JenEhr Blueberries -Market & Upick

2 More Weeks of Blueberries
Picked & Upick

At the Madison Westside Farmers' Market and the Capitol Square Farmers' Market you will find the most flavorful blueberries ever.  The heavy rich soils on JenEhr's Sun Prairie farm add flavor to the Patriot, Northland and Jersey varieties planted 15 years ago. 

, JenEhr on-farm blueberry Upick.  Date and time sign up along with payment option - HERE.

JenEhr Farmers Market Locations

1. Dane County Farmers Market at the Capitol Square, bike rack to the left  (facing the Capitol) of the East Washington inner ring

2. Saturday Westside Community Farmers Market, Madison's Near Westside at  750 University Row, Madison, WI 53705 (corner of University Ave and University Row, behind the UW Health Digestive Health Center.  Chelsea has her crew unpacked and set up by the market start at 7AM.  You'll find our big yellow tent at the south end of the market.


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